“Ya don’t bring sand to the beach”…

What a gorgeous & sunny New York day… so lovely in fact I woke up this morning and decided on a whim to round up my tribe and head to the beach.

After making a few calls to family and an impromptu visit to my local supermarket we were off…

I picked out my black one piece which makes me feel sexy & snatched and picked out my spot in the sand as carefully as I would pick out an avocado and set up shop.

I had such an awesome day watching everyone in my family enjoy themselves, we laughed, we ate, we hung out in the sand and we splashed eachother in the water.

After my 3rd dip I came back to my sweet spot and enjoyed a bit of quiet as everyone else stayed behind in the water… well that was until an obnoxious man and his friends copped a squat on the neighboring towel and proudly said "well ya don't bring sand to the beach", unfortunately referring to his not so significant other… 

Desgraciado was the first word that fell out of my mouth as I side eyed him from my towel…

Why? I was thinking… why is it he thinks the beach will be more enjoying without her?  So you can scope out the T&A aplenty?  I mean it's fine to glance when you see someone appeasing to your eyes just do not stare… which looking at him he seems like a gauker.

I get that men are very visual creatures, and yes I've heard of the infamous "locker room talk" but It's total bullshit to purposely leave your significant other behind because you want to be free to look as much as you like or possibly even lower than that pick up a new lady.

If I had been alone I would have moved my towel to avoid listening to his machismo as he went on & on but unfortunately I had to do what most of us do in this world in this situation which is tune people out… 

Ladies and gentlemen if your significant other is a douche & leaves you at home to head to the beach… do yourself a favor call up your friends and head to a beach in the opposite direction 💋

Best wishes for summer loving,





From their site: “An eyeshadow palette with highly pigmented mattes, chrome pressed pearls, and 3D metal shades in an exclusive Rose Gold Edition”

Huda Kattan Gives Alessandra Steinherr a Makeover, check it out here!

This palette is definitely a must have for your beauty arsenal.

You can tell the creator Huda Kattan got her hands dirty creating this palette for her fans.  The colors are very pigmented and they all coordinate together beautifully.  Now the palette retails for $65 which I feel is a pretty good bang for your buck considering the range you are getting:

6~ 3D Metal Eyeshadows

2~ Chromatic Pressed Pearls Eyeshadows 

10~ Saturated Matte Eyeshadows

When your apply the product to your lid it glides on giving a smooth application, while also making it very easy to blend.

From makeup whore to a novice just getting their feet wet I believe this is a great buy…

Sending love from the concrete jungle,


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KKW BEAUTY face contour/highlighting kit…

IMG_3214Hola… so I purchased the famous KKW Beauty contour/highlighting kit and unfortunately I am bummed about it and here’s why…

Now I think the idea of it was very catchy putting a kit together for both needs.  I normally use contouring to create my sometimes disappearing jawline due to my love of rice & beans andddddd the highlight is always needed to complete that POP on your beautiful canvas aka face.

Anyway the kit has almost no product, when you twist up the product from the stick it less than what you would get in a lipstick… granted it has 2 sides but seriously for $59 (what I paid including shipping) I expected more.  Next up the pigment of the kit I purchased was barely noticeable on my skin… I am fair skinned & bought a medium kit because I was anticipating this problem (because Kims color tones are nudes and subtle) so I figured 1 shade up I’ll be good…. UMMM NO.

Then I  thought to myself maybe you just have to stick to your corresponding shade so I tried the kit on my daughter who is what I would consider “medium skin toned” and it was also a fail…  if I am contouring it is for that very reason!  I want to be able to cut up my face with the product as if I were using a precise Ginsu knife and that did not happen.

The only good thing I can say is the idea behind it was good and the product was nice and creamy BUT it was a fail for me.  Also the brush was nice and travel sized but the end with the sponge tip was useless…

So Normally I would say hey everyone is different give it a whirl but at that price point I would feel guilty if  someone purchased it off of my recommendation and got the same results as me so I suggest you pass on it for now or wait for a sale…

Hope this was helpful,


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